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How to earn money up to Rs 1000 daily from Daman Game App. Best Earn Money App 2024

Daman App

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Friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you how to download Daman app, and how to earn money from Daman app. Friends, you must have heard about earning money from YouTube and website, but the trend of earning money from app is also becoming very popular, on one hand, you have to give 6 months and 1 year time to earn money from YouTube and website. And a lot of hard work also has to be done. Only then people can earn some income.

Hello friends, while earning money through the app starts after installing and registering the app, here you start earning from the first day itself. There are some conditions even for small apps, which if you follow properly, you can earn lakhs monthly even from 1 app. So today we have brought one such app, on which you can earn good money by playing games and referring it to your friends. Techmanjeetji

 1. What is Daman Games?
2. How to Register Daman Game
3. How to download Daman App
4. How to Login Daman Game
5. how to earn money from daman game
6. How to earn free money by referring from Daman App
7. How to deposit money in Daman App
8. How to withdraw money from Daman Game

Daman App Kya Hai

Daman game is a color prediction game where you have to predict the color, and when that color comes, you can earn 2 times, 5 times and even 10 times the money you invested, here apart from the color, the number is also You can earn good money by guessing and referring, you can use Daman game through its website and app.

Daman Game Per Registration Kaise Karen

Hello friends, to earn money by playing games on Daman, first you have to create an account on it, which is very simple, then follow the steps given below to register on Daman Game.

1. For this you will first have to go to the official website of daman games, the link of which is here –
2. So to register first enter your mobile number.
3. After this enter the password, you can keep any 8 character password which includes words, numbers and special characters.
4. Now the refer code will already be written below it, leave it as it is.
5. If you do not already have a refer code then enter this code 218374840893.
6. After this click on register
7. In this way your daman account will be created then you can play the game.

Daman App

Daman App Download Kaise Karen

Hello friends, if you want to download Daman Games, then I am going to tell you through some steps how you can download Daman Games

1. First of all you have to open any web browser or Google in your phone.
2. After this you have to go to the website of Daman Games and login into it.
3. After this you will see the option of Download on the page, click on it.

4. After clicking on Download, the file of Daman Games will be downloaded in your phone.

5. Techmanjeetji Website


Daman App Sign Up Bonus

When you create your account in Daman Games app by downloading it from the referral link, you get a Sign Up Bonus of ₹ 50. With this money you can earn more money by playing games.

Win Go Game Paise Kaise Kamaye

So here you get a game called win go, on which you can earn money by color prediction i.e. predicting which color can come, so to play it click on win go, here there will be 3 colors green. , violet, and red. So you have to click on any one color and invest money. Now after some time the result will be released in which it will be told which color has won the game, apart from this you can also earn money by guessing the numbers, in which 0 to 3 comes in small category and 7 to 10 comes in big category. So you can play the game by selecting any one of these numbers.

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Friends, in today’s post we have discussed what is Daman Games? We have received information about this and along with this we have started using Daman App. Here we do not advise you to invest money and play, but you can also earn money for free from this app, for that you can refer your friends. You can win, if you get more people to join, the higher your income will be. And you can also play the game by investing the same money.

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